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Compared to the massive coverage of League of Legends, CSGO and Dota2, World of Tanks is one of the lesser known esports, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Around the globe there are millions of passionate fans playing this exciting action and strategy game who follow their favourite teams and players in the League and the major World of Tanks tournaments.

For those that aren’t already massive fans, World of Tanks is a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game) where you play the part of tank commanders controlling ferocious armoured vehicles from the World War I, World War II and up to the Cold War. There’s a choice of over 200 different tanks to play with, authentic and realistic in their mechanics, from America, Germany, Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union and many more.

In the professional game, matches are between teams of 7 players, with ten minute battles. Generally the pro-games are played on a few of the most popular maps available.

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  • Betway Esports
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    Interface & DesignSlick, professional and easy to navigate
    Esports MarketsA Plethora of Tournaments to bet on
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  • Pinnacle Esports
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    Interface & DesignRoom for imporvement
    Esports Markets6 Different Esports Games to bet on
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  • William Hill Esports
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    Interface & DesignOne of the Fastest sites on the Market
    Esports MarketsRoom for Improvement
    Live StreamingNo Live Stream for Esports
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  • Paddy Power Esports
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    Interface & DesignSimplicity proves to be most effective
    Esports MarketsAll major markets are covered
    Live StreamingLack of Live Streaming!
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  • Unikrn Esports
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    Interface & DesignNavigate with ease
    Esports MarketsGreat variety of bets available
    Live StreamingImmerse yourself in the action
  • Esports
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    Interface & DesignStands out from the crowd!
    Esports MarketsDedicated to Esports Betting
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  • Fanobet Esports
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    Interface & DesignSuper Clean Design ensures smooth navigation
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  • GGBet Esports
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    Interface & Design Focused to give the best esports experience
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  • Ebettle Esports
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Very few online bookmakers offer World of Tanks betting as an esports option, which is such a shame, as the action in the professional tournaments is incredible. World of Tanks has the potential to be one of the big esports betting games on the market.

If the question ‘what is esports betting?’ is on your lips, then we can simply tell you that it’s the chance to win big on betting on the outcomes of esports and World of Tanks games.

Of those bookmakers that do offer World of Tanks betting, or have done in the past and presumably will do again in future with the rise in esports, we’ll have to point you towards Betway first. They don’t offer betting on World of Tanks right now in their exceptional choice of esports betting games, but have done in the past and their record on esports is the best.


Major Events Covered


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Generous Offers


Secure Payment Options

They offer a selection of great esports betting bonus options, including a welcome bonus and Month Of Mayhem bonus, where you can claim three esports bets promotions weekly for five weeks. Betway are already one of the best sites for esports betting games for League of Legends, CSGO and Dota2, so when they add World of Tanks betting, you know they’re going to do it right.

betway esports bonus

Make sure to check out our dedicated esports bookmaker review for Betway.

For Dedicated Odds Visit William Hill

Similarly, William Hill has covered World of Tanks betting and will continue to do so. And they have a good track record in esports games with LOL, CSGO, Dota2 and more – just not with the great number of bets offered by Betway.

A few other legal online bookmakers offer World of Tanks betting, including GGBet and VitalBet who take betting on World of Tanks when tournaments are being played. In time, more bookmakers will cover a wider range of esports, reflecting the tremendous growth in esports. Over time, betting on esports will become universal, with more and more bookmakers offering their own esports betting bonuses.

You can place betting on World of Tanks in several ways; match outcomes, bet on the number of rounds the match will end on.

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In World of Tanks, the players choose their tanks, either a light, medium or heavy tank, tank destroyer, or self-propelled gun. Each one has its merits. You want fast and lightweight for quick hits on your opponent? In and out, maximum destruction? That means you’re after a light tank. Want more firepower and destruction dialled up to ten? Then pick a heavy tank or tank destroyer.

Like all of the most popular esports, there are elements of strategy and shoot ‘em up here. But in the end, the whole thing is about destroying the enemy team or capturing his base. There are so many different maps to play on, urban and countryside landscapes, each with their own unique challenges.

A Grand Variety of Maps Await

In the pro games, teams of seven play each other, but if you’re playing at home you’ll join a team of fifteen. Take your pick of the tanks, join the game and you’re in control – able to communicate through voice and chat with the others on your team. There are various play modes to choose from: random battles, team training, team battles, stronghold battles and more. But when you’re watching the absolute best of the best playing tournaments, they’ll be playing Assault Mode with two Base Capture Circles.

world of tanks esports betting


Official World of Tanks eports tournament action and events are all organised by, the game’s creators. Starting in 2013, organised the pro-league action into different regions; North America (NA), European (EU), Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and the Asia Pacific region that now includes Korea and China (APAC).

The League is sponsored by the Electronic Sports League (ESL) with 12 teams from each region, except NA which only has 10. In the forthcoming 2017-18 season, there will be just 8 teams in the top pro leagues. Each pro season has a couple of phases, starting with a round robin format in each region, with only the top eight teams of the region battling through to phase 2. Here they play another round robin esports tournament, with the top two teams automatically through to the regional season finals, with teams in 3rd to 6th place progressing to the regional season quarter finals. Everything ends with the incredible action at the World of Tanks Grand Finals. Each year this event is massive, with intense fighting across different maps, all to be crowned champions, with a prize pot of $350,000 for the 2016 WGL Grand Finals.


The 2016 grand finals were the biggest esports event, taking place in the Polish city of Warsaw. 12 teams competed, two from NA, EU, CIS and APAC, and just one from China. The remaining three teams were wild card or joker teams, with choosing three teams from outside the pro league that have particularly impressed over the season.

Don't Miss the Grand Finals

At the Grand Final, these teams play ‘Assault Mode’ and both possess two base capture circles. In ten minute matches, one team on the offensive aims to obliterate their opposition, or capture their bases. The other defends their bases and seeks to wipe the other team off the map. The 2016 Grand Final saw Natus Vincere beat 2015 champions Hellraisers in the final, winning a closely fought final 7-6. That final battle was spectacular, with Natus Vincere’s Inspirer facing off against Hellraisers’ Applewow and Grifon and coming out a victorious underdog. Natus Vincere’s win netted them an impressive $150,000 with Hellraisers’ $75,000 small consolation for losing out in such dramatic action.

The Grand Finals usually take place in Moscow, towards the end of May, and feature three teams from Europe, four teams from the CIS, three from Asia, and two from North America – all competing for their part of the $300,000 prize pool.

Regular Players Fielded Throughout

Europe generally fields DiNG, Kazna Kru; Oops – The Tough Giraffes; APAC sends Team Efficiency, EL Gaming, YaTo Gaming; NA is represented by Elevate and eClipse. But the real smart money is generally on a Natus Vincere win, generally qualifying for any tournament. This is along the former Hellraisers team – now renamed TORNADO ENERGY – Not So Serious, and Brain Storm.

world of tanks tournaments

World of Tanks Players & Teams


In the world of World of Tanks, things are dominated by two massively successful teams, Natus Vincere and Hellraisers, now playing as TORNADO ENERGY. And no-one out there anticipates things changing anytime soon.

If you go by prize money alone, Natus Vincere tops the rankings, with a mouth-watering $628,000, followed by Hellraisers/TORNADO ENERGY with $435,000. Following not so closely behind the top four is rounded out with on $121,000, Radical Online X-tremis with $50,000.

Natus Vincere have two world champion titles – 2014 and 2016. Their surprise defeat in the regional finals will only give them more to play for at the upcoming Grand Finals.

TORNADO ENERGY, formerly known as Hellraisers, have the 2015 World Champ title to their name and a fierce rivalry with NV to live up to. In this year’s Season Finals, they destroyed NV and are surely looking at repeating that performance to claim their second title at The Grand Finals 2017.

Intense Rivalries Create Dramatic Tension

And from those two teams, the players to watch on either side also have an intense rivalry. Natus Vincere’s Inspirer has some of the best strategic plays in World of Tanks, seemingly able to visualise the whole map and how it’s going to play out. His finest hour came in 2016s Grand Finals finale against Hellraisers; outnumbered two-to-one, he took decisive and match winning advantage of a Hellraiser mistake and blew the opposition away.

The player who made that one mistake for Inspirer to take advantage of was Yury ‘applewOw’ Ilin on team Hellraisers. But that one mistake – falling down a hill and getting stuck shouldn’t, ensuring the loss – shouldn’t detract from his amazing play all through the tournament and the season. He’s the reason Hellraisers were so successful and with him on the team, TORNADO ENERGY will be looking at final victory in 2017.

world of tanks esports teams tornado energy


World of Tanks is certainly a smaller esports game, but once you immerse yourself into the game, it’s a thrilling one, and different enough to the big names of League of Legends, Dota2 and CSGO that it’s attracting a growing audience.

You can, and should, sign up to see what all of the action is about. We’d recommend watching that incredible 2016 Grand Final showdown between Natus Vincere and Hellraisers to get an idea of the incredible gameplay and unique emphasis on true teamwork that World of Tanks offers.

And once you find yourself intrigued, it’s time to start following the action. The upcoming Grand Finals 2017 are a great place to start your World of Tanks betting. We hope that the major bookmakers such as Betway and William Hill and other esports betting sites will open their books for this fantastic event. Our best recommendation is that you watch some games yourself, give the game a shot and study team form to decide just how to place your esports bets. Although in truth, we’re struggling to see anything but a Natus Vincere versus Hellraisers/ TORNADO ENERGY domination. And if you have to choose between those two, we say go for TORNADO ENERGY in your World of Tanks betting, after last year’s slip-up, this is a team out for bloody and devastating revenge.

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