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Esports are well and truly on the rise and whether you want to play esports games, visit esports betting sites or watch an esport tournament, you can do it. It's fair to say as well, in the future you can only expect this innovative, entertaining platform growing: and considerably at that.

Such growth and popularity has meant that some games may have slipped under the radar to players and fans out there, and that includes Vainglory. Sure, you will have heard of League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2, but Vainglory has already amassed a large following and the profile of the game is only going to grow.

Available on Apple or android touchscreen devices, Vainglory has drawn comparisons in style to League of Legends, so if you're a fan of that, you're sure to love this. And, let's face it, not many esports fans won't enjoy League of Legends!

The rules are straightforward, two teams will fight and attempt to take the other's turrets and destroy the giant crystal that's hidden inside the enemy base. It makes for an enthralling and exciting game and is a multi-player, but we'll cover that in more detail further on.

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  • Betway Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSlick, professional and easy to navigate
    Esports MarketsA Plethora of Tournaments to bet on
    Live StreamingOne of the Best!
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  • Pinnacle Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignRoom for imporvement
    Esports Markets6 Different Esports Games to bet on
    Live StreamingPioneers of Live Betting
    ReviewPlay now
  • William Hill Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignOne of the Fastest sites on the Market
    Esports MarketsRoom for Improvement
    Live StreamingNo Live Stream for Esports
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  • Paddy Power Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSimplicity proves to be most effective
    Esports MarketsAll major markets are covered
    Live StreamingLack of Live Streaming!
    ReviewPlay now
  • Unikrn Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignNavigate with ease
    Esports MarketsGreat variety of bets available
    Live StreamingImmerse yourself in the action
  • Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignStands out from the crowd!
    Esports MarketsDedicated to Esports Betting
    Live StreamingOptimal Live Streaming Service
    ReviewPlay now
  • Fanobet Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSuper Clean Design ensures smooth navigation
    Esports MarketsEvery Major Esports Covered
    Live StreamingExcellent selection available
  • GGBet Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & Design Focused to give the best esports experience
    Esports MarketsThey have it all covered!
    Live StreamingThey partner with Twitch
    ReviewPlay now
  • Ebettle Esports
    5 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSlick and Professional
    Esports MarketsAll major Esports Events covered
    Live StreamingEasy to navigate
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Editor's Recommendation Which Bookmakers are currently offering esports betting for Vainglory fans?

The significant drawback at the minute for the passionate fans out there is that Vainglory betting is not currently accessible on any of the major bookmaking sites. However, rest assured because as the game grows in popularity, you will see Vainglory betting appearing on all the major sites. If you are wondering 'what is esports betting?’, it's the same as any other type of wagering. Teams will compete and you can bet on the winner.

 So, when Vainglory betting does appear on the major bookmaker sites, you will be spoiled for choice, however, we recommend that you look to start with Betway. Not only do they offer an enticing welcome bonus for the new players out there, but they have already established themselves as one of the best when it comes to esports betting games. With extensive coverage of their current esports games you don't miss a tournament on all of the major games, so it's natural to presume that when Vainglory betting becomes a part of Betway it will be of the usual high standard.

Plenty of bookmakers to place your bets with

Similarly, William Hill have developed a strong reputation when it comes to esports and once again players will be able to take advantage of an esports betting bonus when they sign up. The same applies to most bookmakers out there, they will look to entice players with a bonus, so it's something worth considering, although we will only recommend the most reputable sites for players. Again, William Hill only currently offer the most popular esports games out there, but over time that will change.

Finally, Pinnacle is another major firm who have begun to realise the potential and growth that esports has, and again it is only a matter of time before Vainglory betting makes an appearance on their site. For players, it's best to look at how each bookmaker deals with esports currently before deciding which one to join. Do you like the layout? The offers? Do they cover the esports tournament you wanted?

When it comes to betting on Vainglory, you may not have the options at your disposal now, but they're sure to be there in time, and we don't think it will be too long! The popularity of the game will see more people want a taste of the action, so be sure to keep an eye out on these bookmakers if you're seeking to have a bet on the action. Initially, the markets may be simplified, such as betting on the winner, but over time that will evolve too, making it one of the best esports betting games.

william hill esports bonus

GameplayWhat is Vainglory about?

We've briefly touched on what Vainglory is about, but here we will go into more detail about the game, before mentioning the range of tournaments, teams, prizes and players that will be at the forefront of this game in the future.

Firstly, about the game itself and as mentioned, it's a multiplayer fighting game that will see sides take each other on trying to infiltrate enemies territory and destroy the giant crystal that contains a mysterious substance known as 'vain', hence the name of the game.

However, on your journey to succeed there will be many challenges and goals along the way. That includes taking control of at least two of the minion mines that will open up within the first four minutes, which will give your own team extra power, which will obviously be beneficial for the team in the long run. Furthermore, you can upgrade and improve the quality and power of your own team by defending the gold mine, which allows you to buy new abilities and item upgrades over the course of a match. Again, this will obviously benefit you in the ultimate aim to win. Having such intricacies can lead to strategic planning and it results in adding another dimension to the game which will appeal to players. It may also influence which way some of you want to bet!


Vainglory teams are made up of three players each and they can choose from the 25 heroes available to play as them during each game. Obviously, each hero has different capabilities and the extra abilities and upgrades can be added to the hero during the match.

Here are just a few examples of some of the heroes and their strengths and weaknesses;


Reim's attack type is Melee and his role is mage. Reim’s chief purpose is to cause significant damage and to be able to take significant damage himself.

reim vainglory esports betting


Glaive is a warrior and muscle man, who sneaks around before attacking opponents, using his sheer strength to emerge victorious.

galive esport betting vainglory


Ardan attacks with Melee but also serves to protect all others on the team. This tank will remove all enemies as you search for the crystal.

ardan esports betting vainglory


Ringo is a sniper, so won't be suited to the combat. Instead he will stand back from a range and pick off opponents.

Ringo Vainglory esports betting


Blackfeather is more of a rogue character and an assassin whose attack type is melee.

Blackfeather Vainglory esports betting


Catherine will use melee weapons to attack the enemy and adopts a similar stance to Reim.

Catherine vainglory esports betting

That's just a little taste of some of the heroes that are in store, and once you and your team have picked your favourite the battle can commence. There are plenty more heroes to choose from, 25 in total, and all have different qualities.

Such a range makes it intriguing for players. Do you go for speed and strength? Do you battle on the front foot or stand back? These components make Vainglory interesting both for spectators and players and can be factors for those betting. Having such variance and interest is what makes this game so appealing.

Professional Competitions

Vainglory was designed to be a competitive esport, which has led to some real big tournaments, which are ideal for those of you who enjoy betting on Vainglory.

In 2016, the VGL Challenger Series took place, which saw 32 teams compete from North America, South America and Europe, so it really did bring the best Vainglory players in the world together. It's a single elimination tournament, which just adds to the tension and excitement with so much riding on each match.

VGL Challenger Series

VGL Challenger series

Vainglory World Championship 

VGL World tournament

The success of the event meant the tournament continued this year and it's so easy to participate in. Players come up with a nickname, they will then be seeded which will be based on past performances and then the competition start. It's a hugely effective process that can give players across the world a platform to showcase their Vainglory skills.

Players & TeamsThe Best of the Best

Winning preliminary tournaments will get you onto the main stage, and the recent winners of the Vainglory esport tournament were a team called 'LemonAndLime', perhaps a team name to keep an eye on for the future in esports tournaments. They were the second seeds in the tournament and managed to make their way to the Grand Final, and left with a cool $1,250 as deserving champions. They've also won competitions on the European tournaments, which proves their skill.

To demonstrate the impact of the VGL, they have paid out over $77,000 across 53 tournaments, with over 7,000 registered users. As well as that, the games have generated over a million views on, proving how esports is growing. And, if you want to watch any streaming of Vainglory events, then that is the platform to use.

Additionally, Red Bull have realised the potential of Vainglory and ran a tournament of their own, in North America. It brought with a huge $25,000 prize pool that was shared out among the skilled winners, who battled it out over three days. Having the name of Red Bull associated with Vainglory reinforces the point that it is a developing game and such a name brings bigger prize money and the knock on effect is obvious. More people will watch, more will be betting on Vainglory, playing the game and it just makes it more accessible to all areas of the world. It's logical and fair to presume that similar events will take place in the future too, so it's an exciting time to be a Vainglory fan, and if you're not, there's never been a better time to jump on board and find out what it's all about.

Team Secret Joins Vainglory esports betting


Another promising factor about the game is that it's so easy to play, you just need an iOS or Android device. Of course, there are in-game additional purchases, but they're not necessary to play. The game is free and that is another contributing factor to why we think it will become a big player in the world of esports.

Overall, Vainglory is already popular among esports players, but we anticipate that it will explode onto the scene soon. That will result in Vainglory becoming a key component of any esports betting sites and we've already outlined some of the ones you should keep an eye on.

Betway and William Hill will be at the forefront of esports gaming and that will include Vainglory. Initially, you may have to settle for standard markets such as which team will win an individual match, but over time that will adapt too. Examples could include tournament winners, margins of victory, player involvement, much like the range of markets that are available for most other sports and that will eventually transcend to esports betting games.

vainglory esports betting


As the sponsorship, tournaments and spotlight begins to increase on Vainglory, it will benefit everyone involved. From the players competing for bigger prizes to those who want to make some legal esports bets at reputable bookmakers. Essentially, there's a lot to look forward too. League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2 have grown considerably over the past few years and as esports attracts a wider audience, each game will generate more publicity, from a betting and viewing perspective. So, if you're intrigued and interested by any aspect of playing, watching or betting, then keep an eye out for Vainglory.

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