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#18 of 20 Sports betting bonuses

32Red is a British bookmaker, which is based in Gibraltar, and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Although the company is primarily focused on offering online casino games for its customers, it also now has an extensive sports betting section too. There is a good range of sports covered and markets offered, with less mainstream sports such as esports, chess and yachting available.

The 32Red bonus on offer to new customers takes the form of a profits boost. This works by the bookmaker adding a certain percentage to the customer’s winnings from their first bet at 32Red. The bonus only applies to winning bets, though. Here, we will take a closer look at the 32Red bonus terms, and how customers can best take advantage of them.

T&Cs Apply, 18+


  • Profits boost bonus for new customers
  • Good variety of sports betting markets
  • Solid customer service options
  • Regulated by UK Gambling Commission, fully licensed in UK
  • Guaranteed best available odds on selected horse races
  • Good range of payment methods available

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Bonus Type


01 Bonus Type

The 32Red bonus takes the form of a profits boost, which makes it different to the type of bonuses often given out to new customers by other bookmakers. William Hill, for example, gives £30 of free bets to new customers who bet at least £10 in their first wager. Other bookies match a customer’s first deposit in their account, up to a certain amount. The 32Red bonus is paid on winning bets only, which means it may be trickier to make properly profitable. The bonus can also only be applied to in play bets – although there is a great range available.

In play bets are those placed on events which take place within a match, while the match is taking place. This is an important distinction between this betting bonus and the ones at offer at other bookmakers, where all types of sports bet are covered.

Get a profits boost with your first bet at 32Red

A profits boost bonus means that 32Red will boost your winnings on a successful first bet by a certain percentage depending on the size of your stake. 32Red will boost your winnings by 100 per cent if your initial bet is £10. Additional boosts are awarded on a sliding scale depending on the size of your stake. It should always be borne in mind when using the 32Red bonus code that it only applies to the first bet you place. It is not a time-limited bonus, available for a certain duration, but limited to one bet.

The table below shows how:

Stake Percentage Boost
Max £10 100%
Max £20 90%
Max £30 80%
Max £40 70%
Max £50 60%
Max £60 50%
Max £70 40%
Max £80 30%
Max £90 20%
Max £100 !0%

Bonus Height


02 Bonus Height

Unlike other bookmakers, notably William Hill and Paddy Power, there is no fixed amount of free bets available. Nor is this a matched account bonus, with a clearly defined amount matched to the customer’s first deposit. This bonus is entirely dependent on the customer placing a successful winning bet. As described in the table above, the size of the bet is the determining factor in how big the bonus is.

The bet also only applies to live, in-play betting, and the number of markets for which this type of bet is available are not as common as in other forms of sports betting. 32Red will always display a list of current and future in play markets on the homepage of their website. You do not need to claim some kind of special 32Red voucher to opt in to the bonus.

It is not possible to claim the 32Red bonus without deposit. All customers need to deposit at least £10 in their account, and then use it to place an in play bet of at least £10 for the bonus to be credited to their account.

Bonus Terms


03 Bonus Terms

In order for new customers to be eligible to receive the profits boost bonus, they must ensure that they choose to opt in. If they do not opt in, then the bonus is not applied automatically. Bets must be at least at odds of evens or greater for the best to qualify. It is also not possible to cash in bets early when the profits boost has been opted into by the customer.

The maximum profit boost in cash terms that can be applied is £100. Only customers from the UK and Republic of Ireland can qualify for it, and it is limited to one profits boost per household. 32Red also reserves the right to change the terms of the bonus without giving notice to customers.

These terms are pretty typical for bonuses across the board with other bookmakers.

Bonus Implementation


04 Bonus Implementation

Using the bonus is fairly simple, and you do not need to use some kind of 32Red voucher to claim it, but it requires a wise choice of bet to be made for it to result in a genuinely lucrative profits boost. One thing which bears repeating is that this bonus can only be applied to live, in play bets. These are bets which are placed on events within a game, while that game is taking place. For example, who wins the next set in a tennis match, or which team will concede the next penalty in a game of rugby league.

The simplest way of looking more closely at how this bonus works is to take an example. A punter places a £45 bet on Manchester United to score next in their game with Liverpool. United do score next, so they are set to receive £90 as winnings, plus getting their stake back, meaning that the total payout from the bookie is £135. As £90 of this is profit, that is the amount to which 32Red will add their profits boost. As the punter’s bet was in the £40-£50 bracket, their winnings will be boosted by 60 per cent. This takes their total winnings up by another £54, meaning that their total payout is now £90 + £54 + £45 stake = £199.

There is no 32Red voucher to use for this bonus. The customer must make sure that they opt in to the bonus when they update their account details on the site. This is a simple matter of clicking an option on a drop down menu.



05 Payability

In terms of the sports betting deposit and withdrawal options on offer for the 32Red promotional offer, it is a decent bonus. The profits boost does not need to be used to place more bets, as many other bonuses at different bookmakers do, nor does it need to be left in a customer’s account for a certain amount of time before it can be withdrawn.

Customers who use Skrill as a payment method are not eligible for the bonus, so another payment method needs to be used if they want to take full advantage of the offer. The bonus can be withdrawn using all payment methods available at 32Red. Visa credit and debit cards can be used, as can Mastercard and Maestro. Paysafe cards can also be used. Electronic methods are also available to customers, such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. A wire transfer option can also be used, to which fees can be applied on certain amounts of money - a full list of these is available in the help section of the 32Red website.

There are no fees charged on credit and debit transactions, nor with electronic payment methods, as long as minimum amounts (usually 10 of whatever currency is being used) are maintained.

There are no bonuses currently on offer to long-term customers at 32Red. There is a special promotion for horse racing punters, though. Rather than a 32Red voucher code, this takes the form of a best odds guarantee.

If a customer sees a special symbol adjacent to the name of a horse in the list of runners and riders for a race, then they can be sure that it will have the best possible available odds. Many bookmakers will simply display the same odds as each other, making it hard to find genuine value.

Other Bonuses and Loyalty Programme


06 Other Bonuses and Loyalty Programme

Tips to make your bonus go further


A profits boost bonus is a little different to the bonuses on offer from other bookmakers, such as William Hill, who offer free bets, or a first deposit bonus. A profits boost bonus only pays out if you place successful, winning bets. So, although perhaps not the best sports betting bonus out there, it can still be profitable, if you bet with skill and knowledge.

The key to successful betting with any bookmaker is knowledge. While many people may think that sports betting is merely a matter of luck, it is not really the case. The most successful punters will always use their knowledge of a sport to inform their bets. This is why it pays to bet on sports that you know well, rather than just have a passing interest in. It is the difference between choosing a horse in a race based on the colours the jockey is wearing, or betting on it due to the conditions on the track, the horse’s form, and the skills of the jockey riding it.

In play betting proves a good option for knowledgeable bettors

In play betting, which is the type of betting to which the 32Red bonus code applies, is fast-paced and requires intimate knowledge of the sport that you are watching. There are so many factors to be considered when betting in play. As well as a good knowledge of the participants, a thorough knowledge of the sport they are playing is needed. It is hard to bet on the next yellow card, if you do not know what a foul is, for example. In rugby union, as another example, betting on who wins the next scrum is pointless if you do not know which team has the better forward pack.

This is why, if you want to bet on a sport, you should make an effort to follow it as closely as possible. Every single scrap of knowledge can be of use to you. If you play a sport, or have been enthusiastic about it your whole life, then that knowledge can be very useful when it comes to placing bets. There is a huge number of failed punters who have succumbed to the temptation of betting big on sports they know nothing about, simply because the odds looked tempting. Avoid this kind of situation at all costs.

Use accumulators to maximise profits boosting 32Red bonus

A good way to maximise your chances of acquiring a decent profit from betting using sports betting apps or similar, is to bet using accumulators. An accumulator is where a punter makes several bets on the same coupon. The winnings from the first bet are used as a stake on the second coupon. If that bet wins too, then the winnings are combined with the winnings from the first bet to be used as a stake for the third, and so on down the coupon. If one bet loses, though, the whole coupon loses, so bets need to be chosen with care.

But, because an accumulator multiplies the odds from each bet together, the rewards can be massive. This is why accumulators are a very useful tool for knowledgeable punters to use to their advantage. Making a selection of three or more bets based on insight is not as tricky as it sounds. It also means that small odds can be multiplied together to make big prizes. Betting on a series of favourites on an accumulator can therefore be a good way of increasing the chances of a big win.

Skill leads to satisfaction

The key to using accumulators, as with all betting, especially in play betting, is knowledge and insight. Never bet on hunches, unless you find some evidence to back up the hunch. It is also important to remember that one losing bet on an accumulator voids the whole betting slip, so do not ruin a slip with some freakishly improbable bets based on tempting odds. Skilful punters will always ‘anchor’ their coupon with at least one dead certain, low odds bet.

Placing bets can be an exciting and rewarding activity, especially if you bet with skill and insight. Placing successful bets is a real thrill, and there is also plenty of satisfaction to be gained from selecting successful bets based on your own insights and knowledge of a sport. A good bonus boosting your winnings always adds to that warm glow of satisfaction too.

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