Overwatch Betting Sites & Offers: Overview of the latest real eSports reviews

If you're looking for an Overwatch betting site review, you've come to the right place. With online gaming on the rise and developers edging out new competitive play games each year, esports is becoming a more prominent fixture in the world of online betting. There are some seriously cool perks to Overwatch betting or esports betting in general, and in this review we'll be going over the game itself, what information you need to know about esports tournaments, players and teams – as well as some useful Overwatch betting tips and answering the question, what is esports betting?

For new players, there are some exceptional betting bonuses offered by esports bookmakers that we will talk about more in depth, as well as offering up some Overwatch betting tips. So, strap yourself into your gaming chair, here's what you need to know about Overwatch betting.

Overwatch Betting Sites & Offers: Overview of the latest real eSports reviews / 9 Results

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  • Pinnacle Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignRoom for imporvement
    Esports Markets6 Different Esports Games to bet on
    Live StreamingPioneers of Live Betting
    ReviewPlay now
  • Betway Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSlick, professional and easy to navigate
    Esports MarketsA Plethora of Tournaments to bet on
    Live StreamingOne of the Best!
    ReviewPlay now
  • William Hill Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignOne of the Fastest sites on the Market
    Esports MarketsRoom for Improvement
    Live StreamingNo Live Stream for Esports
    ReviewPlay now
  • Unikrn Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignNavigate with ease
    Esports MarketsGreat variety of bets available
    Live StreamingImmerse yourself in the action
  • Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignStands out from the crowd!
    Esports MarketsDedicated to Esports Betting
    Live StreamingOptimal Live Streaming Service
    ReviewPlay now
  • Paddy Power Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSimplicity proves to be most effective
    Esports MarketsAll major markets are covered
    Live StreamingLack of Live Streaming!
    ReviewPlay now
  • Fanobet Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSuper Clean Design ensures smooth navigation
    Esports MarketsEvery Major Esports Covered
    Live StreamingExcellent selection available
  • GGBet Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & Design Focused to give the best esports experience
    Esports MarketsThey have it all covered!
    Live StreamingThey partner with Twitch
    ReviewPlay now
  • Ebettle Esports
    5 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSlick and Professional
    Esports MarketsAll major Esports Events covered
    Live StreamingEasy to navigate
    ReviewPlay now


Stepping into the world of esports betting can be like wading your way through an ocean of choices. How do you know what esports betting sites or Overwatch betting sites to trust?

If you’re looking for a bookmaker that has really embraced esports, look no further than Betway. Betway is our editor’s choice for esports, not only for its dedication to esports, but for its ease of use, variety of esports games and favorable odds and welcome bonuses.

Fantastic Welcome Bonus available at Betway

If that didn’t entice you, then maybe this will. Betway are running a welcome bonus to new players that is more than appealing. Players automatically qualify for a 100 per cent matched bonus with their initial deposit, up to a maximum of £50.

If you want to take advantage of this bonus all you need to do is set up a betway account and deposit at least £10 to qualify, ensuring to tick all the relevant information boxes upon registration.


Generous Welcome Offer


Secure Payment Options


Live Streaming


EU Regulated

How does this compare to other Bookmakers?

Well, Betway has a bit of a higher tariff on the matched bonus compared to an average of £30 around other bookmakers. To add to this, you get the flexibility of being able to use this welcome bonus for all esports bets, a feature that not all bookmakers provide. Each customer can only receive one bonus, so spend it wisely. This offer is a real lifeline for new players, giving them a little more bang for their buck (or pound should we say).

betway esports bonus

Overwatch Gameplay

So what is this game I’ve been hearing about so much and why should I care? Overwatch, released in May 2016 is another project by the acclaimed team at Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard, primarily known for World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft.

Blizzard have held off on any new titles for a while, but with the release of Hearthstone and Heroes of The Storm, they look to be expanding their already packed arsenal.

Now, Blizzard are known for exceptional detail in their games, each product being a mastery of its own genre, so when fans heard Blizzard were making a competitive multiplayer shooter game with all the character and charm of the Blizzard animation team, it’s fair to say there was a little more than just hype surrounding Overwatch. So that’s why you should care – now how does this game work?

  • Two teams of six
  • 24 pre-defined heroes

Each with their own unique moves, attributes and abilities.

Take control of Characters like Mei, who blasts her foes with icy winds, snaring enemies causing havoc for the enemy team with her high CC. Or perhaps Genji, a cybernetic ninja who can deflect projectiles and move in close quarters with his sword, careful though, he may need healing. There’s a huge range of awesome playable characters – you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Overwatch – Competitive Gaming at its Core

The most important thing to understand about Overwatch is that it's purely competitive, which is a little off-putting to begin with if you're a die hard Blizzard fan, as the company are known for their deep and immersive gameplay.

However, when actually diving inside the online multiplayer shoot-em-up, you can see how that element has really been introduced in the character and life each hero is given, which is why the game and it's characters have become so synonymous with memes and internet culture.

Each character is assigned to a specific class that has its role in the game:





Strike fast and strike hard, the objective of the game varies between 4 map types:

It's important to note these classes when thinking about team compilations as they influence the way the match is played out.

  1. 01 | ASSAULT

    The attacking team is tasked with capturing two target points in sequence on the map, while the defending team must stop them.

  2. 02 | ESCORT

    The attacking team is tasked with escorting a payload to a certain delivery point before time runs out, while the defending team must stop them. The payload vehicle moves along a fixed track when any player on the attacking team is close to it, but will stop if a defending player is nearby; should no attacker be near the vehicle, it will start to move backwards along the track. Passing specific checkpoints will extend the match time and prevent the payload from moving backwards from that point.


    The attacking team has to capture the payload (as if it were a target point from Assault) and escort it to its destination, while the defending team tries to hold them back.

  4. 04 | CONTROL

    Each team tries to capture and maintain a common control point until their capture percentage reaches 100%. This game mode is played in a best-of-three format. Control maps are laid out in a symmetric fashion so no team has an intrinsic position advantage.


To have an understanding of Overwatch is vital, especially when live betting comes in to play, because it's this knowledge that'll help you make the switch decisions, calling the right bets for the right matches. VulkanBet has a legal license from the Malta Gaming Authority and is one of the first bookmakers to launch a live Overwatch betting site. Using their experience from UltraPlay, the team are dedicated to Overwatch betting which is a real benefit to any esports punters out there.

Professional Competitions

As a relatively new game, Overwatch has yet to spark the iconisiscm that League of Legends or CSGO has in terms of their esports rapport. Launching in 2016, 2017 has really been Overwatch’s entry into esports. At the time of writing, $716,578.69 has been awarded over 86 events so far, with 26.67 per cent of the total prize money already won for the year. This includes the $100,000 awarded at the Overwatch Winter Premiere, and $207,187.20 won at the OGN Overwatch APEX Season 2.

Overwatch esports betting tournaments

Here’s a list of some of the most recent Overwatch esports tournaments at the time of writing:

  • Money Match: Surefour vs. dafran
  • ESL ANZ Championship - Season 1
  • ESL Go4Overwatch Europe
  • HND Overwatch Invitational I
  • Overwatch Rumble
  • Overwatch GeForce Cup Middle East
  • Overwatch Arena Season 2
  • Overwatch Rumble - Open Qualifier
  • ESL Go4Overwatch Spain
  • Alienware Monthly Melee

Blizzard have been devoting floor-space to its own esports tournaments since BlizzCon 2009 and it’s the Blizzard eStadium that has seen the first games of the Overwatch pacific Championship, based in Taipei. There’s 8 teams in total in this league, hailing from, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and Thailand. Competing over 11 weeks, the top 3 teams will advance to the playoffs and eventually the 2017 Overwatch World Cup, exciting stuff!

£30 Welcome Bonus at William Hill

Because it's so new, there are very few online platforms that actually offer betting on Overwatch –William Hill are one of those bookmakers. They offer a pretty neat esports betting bonus welcome offer of £30 if you bet just £10 (new customers only).

william hill esports bonus
Bet on Overwatch with William Hill

Players & Teams

Many pro esports teams were riled up at the prospect of a new and incredibly dynamic competitive game. Overwatch has brought a host of familiar faces with it, such as Immortals, Cloud 9 and Fnatic.


  1. Team EnVyUs - $222,294.88, 24 Tournaments
  2. Rogue - $194,334.03, 20 Tournaments
  3. Misfits - $156,484.12, 15 Tournaments
  4. Lunatic-hai - $154,079.47, 6 Tournaments
  5. LuxuryWatch - $82,278.06, 10 Tournaments
  6. Cloud9 - $74,913.40, 29 Tournaments
  7. Afreeca Freecs - $65,913.89, 8 Tournaments
  8. Immortals - $58,900.00, 7 Tournaments
  9. Fnatic - $57,397.33, 9 Tournaments
  10. FaZe Clan - $55,251.87, 14 Tournaments

The best thing is, with the introduction of Twitch, you can follow players outside tournaments, watch how they play and what sort of performance they will be bringing to team matches – this is something to be particularly aware of when placing a bet.

Team EnVyUs

Team EnVyUs

Team Misfits

Team Misfits

Team Rogue

Team Rogue

Many of us dream of playing competitively, but gaming as enjoyable as it appears is a brutal thing in hindsight, as it takes dedication and hard work to reach the big leagues. Many aspirations of playing in the tournaments go unfulfilled, sadly.

Timo "Taimou" Kettunen who is the in-game leader for Team EnVyUS, a team with a fearful reputation, have dominated Overwatch tournaments, earning them the top spot in terms of earnings. So you can only imagine what skill level the leader of such a team must be. Taimou is a wicked Widomaker, picking off enemies with headshot after headshot. To compete with Taimou you're going to have to be in the same league as some of these other rising Overwatch stars:

• Chipshajen • Cocco • HarryHook  • INTERNETHULK

Top Tips

Knowledge is power and betting on Overwatch is no different. So here are a few Overwatch betting tips to help you out.

  1. 01 | Research, Research, Research

    Research the key players and their play styles on Twitch, get yourself as familiar with the mechanics of Overwatch as possible, this will come in useful for live betting on Overwatch that some bookmakers offer.

  2. 02 | Manage Your Bankroll

    Most importantly, spend wisely. If you feel like you aren't getting decent odds from single match bets, why not try an accumulator style bets and raise your odds through betting on the outcome of several teams at once.

  3. 03 | Pinnacle - No Bonuses, but great odds!

    Pinnacle is a bookmaker that doesn't offer any welcome bonuses but is proven to have the best odds allowing you to get more for your bets. Alongside their dedicated esports hub, Pinnacle is a good bookmaker for anyone starting out in the betting game as their resources are vital in understanding how Overwatch betting sites works.

Overwatch has hit the ground running and bookmakers have reacted brilliantly, if you're interested in esports or generally follow / play Overwatch, you could already be ahead of the game. With the wealth of resources out there today, it is easier to research and predict match outcomes. This combined with features from bookmakers like betting on first blood, really makes esports betting stand out as a fun and rewarding online experience.

pinnacle esports bonus

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