Online Lottery Providers Comparison 2018: Find the best lotto providers & check our lottery reviews

Searching for the best lottery sites can be a chore. That’s why Yourate have made it our mission to bring you all the information you need to compare the top providers out there. We’ve compiled this lottery list to bring you the round-up of best UK lottery sites.
The world of online lottery can be a little confusing, there are different ways to play, from entering the draw itself through a ticket buying service, to just betting on the outcome with more traditional odds. At we've looked at the top providers to see which ones come out on top, across areas such as customer service, lottery offer and any bonuses available. If you've played at any of these sites then why not become a part of yourate today and leave your own experience report.

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    Bonus amount
    • Betfred Lottery
      1 Reviews
      Website & Usability Clear and easy to use website
      Lottery GamesBet on draws from around the world
      BonusGreat bonuses for new and existing customers
      ReviewPlay now
    • The Lotter
      1 Reviews
      Website & Usability Clear and easy to use website
      Lottery Games45 Lotteries from 21 countries
      BonusLoyalty points and money off offers
    • Coral Lottery
      1 Reviews
      Website & Usability User-friendly and good graphics
      Lottery GamesGlobal offers
      Bonus£20 Free bets for New Customers
      ReviewPlay now
    • Ladbrokes Lottery
      0 Reviews
      Website & Usability Easy and efficient
      Lottery GamesQuality Lottery offer
      BonusLadbrokes bonuses for other sites
    • Lottoland
      1 Reviews
      Website & Usability Easy to use and up to date
      Lottery GamesPlenty of lottery variety and more
      BonusSpecial offers for new customers
      ReviewPlay now

    Gamble securely & fairly

    Safety’s always our top concern!

    We ensure that all of the sites that we review on Yourate comply with the latest security requirements, making them safe destinations for your online gambling. All of the top UK lottery sites ensure that they have the proper procedures in place, either to buy the tickets or to set the odds to help you win big comfortably at home in the UK. Although many people might be worried about the safety of gambling online, there is nothing to fear. That’s because all of the top gambling sites must have a licence from the UK Gambling Commission to operate in the UK. It is in the interests of the sites themselves to ensure that their protocols are up to date and that they go above and beyond to protect their users.

    You can rest easy knowing that security is a top concern here at yourate, and we examine each provider on the licenses that they hold as well as the systems that they have in place to promote responsible gambling and restrict underage play.

    Editor's Recommendation

    The Lotter is your key to jackpots

    After reviewing all providers in our lottery sites comparison, we feel that The Lotter comes out as the top dog among the best lottery sites, beating Lottoland, Ladbrokes Lottery , and all the other online lottery sites that vied for positions on our UK lottery rankings. So what sets THe Lotter apart from the other UK lottery sites? On The Lotter, you play the lotto itself instead of simply betting on the numbers drawn. Since 2002 they’ve been making it easy to buy tickets for draws all over the world, both by desktop and now from one of the top lottery apps. To make smart bets, The Smart is their fabulous guide to getting the information you need to pick your jackpots. Have a closer look at our The Lotter review to find out more about this site.

    Start playing with The Lotter today!

    How the provider reviews work

    Categories and Criteria

    At yourate we aim to make your life easier as you decide which online gambling site is the best one for you. Every single review of the best online gambling sites, regardless of sector, shares the same set of eight categories. This lets us analyse each provider on our lottery list in a way that makes it easy to compare. These categories all cover a specific set of criteria which we believe are important to you when choosing your top lottery provider.


    1. 01 | Website & Usability

      Being able to use the sites from the providers on our lottery bingo list is crucial. How easy is it to place bets on the site? Is it visually appealing?

    2. 02 | Lottery Offers

      The whole point of playing the lottery online is getting to play any lottery available around the world. Any time. Here we also examine the different ways of playing. Some providers buy tickets on your behalf to enter into the draws, whilst others offer odds on a selection of numbers.

    1. 03 | Bonus & Terms

      We always read the fine print of the bonuses and loyalty offers. We go beyond the headlines to see what you’re really getting for signing up, and if it’s a good deal.

    2. 04 | Stakes and Chances of Winning

      We like to play the lottery for our chance at winning - some of the providers offer better odds than others, and maximum winnings can come into play. We help you understand the odds before you buy the tickets.

    3. 05 | Customer Service

      We test out the Customer Service departments at each provider to give you the scoop on what to expect. The different methods of contact available, operation hours and how knowledgeable the staff are are all taken into account.

    4. 06 | Payments

      We’ve got what you need to keep any restrictions on deposits and withdrawals straight. From the payment methods accepted to any fees associated with deposits and withdrawals, we’ve read all of the fine print.

    5. 07 | Security and Licensing

      We know how important security is to you online. Whether it’s for your money, your personal details or simply to protect yourself and those around you from underage or irresponsible gambling, we examine the sites’ affiliations and protocols.

    6. 08 | Mobile

      The beauty of our smartphones and tablets is getting to play anywhere. We give you the scoop on the app(s) available for each provider. Do you need to download separate games? Can you deposit on the app? These questions and many more are answered.


    Website & Usability







    The Most Popular Lottery Draws

    Playing the lottery online gives you the chance to shoot for jackpots all over the world - we're all familiar with the big names in the UK, but what about the international draws? Here is a rundown of 3 of the biggest global names that you might like to try your hand at:

    1. 01 | El Gordo

      El Gordo is Spain's most famous lottery draw.  Technically the term 'el gordo' actually just refers to the top prize in a lottery, rather than being a specific event, but it is most commonly used to describe the gigantic Jackpot on offer in the Spanish Christmas Lottery. In Spain syndicates rule, so the prizes are usually shared between many people - but with prizes in the hundreds of millions, that isn't much of a problem.

    2. 02 | Lotto 6 aus 49

      Lotto 6 aus 49 is the biggest German draw, and is held every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It does pretty much what you'd expect it to do - you have to pick 6 numbers from 1 to 49 and also an additional bonus ball. Prizes are awarded for matching even just 2 numbers, and the jackpot has hit €45million in the past.

    3. 03 | Powerball

      The American Powerball draw is perhaps the best known in the world. It was established in 1992 and has made countless millionaires since. The prize is either paid as a cash total, or an annuity over 30 years. The biggest ever jackpot of more than $1.5 billion was won in January 2016, but it might come around again soon!

    Lottery Provider Max bonus User rating Claim bonus
    01 Credit for referring friends to Betfred Lottery T&Cs Apply, 18+
    Claim Bonus T&Cs Apply, 18+
    02 0$Credit for referring friends to The Lotter T&Cs Apply, 18+
    T&Cs Apply, 18+
    03 20£Claim £20 free bets when you deposit £5 T&Cs Apply, 18+
    Claim Bonus Now T&Cs Apply, 18+
    04 Use bonuses across your ladbrokes account T&Cs Apply, 18+
    T&Cs Apply, 18+
    05 Free lines and discounts T&Cs Apply, 18+
    Claim Bonus Now T&Cs Apply, 18+

    Top Tips for Playing Lottery Online

    The Lotto sector is one of the newcomers in the world of online gambling, so many people need a little help navigating what's on offer. Here are some of's top tips for things to look out for and consider when you're playing online.

    1. Choose your Lottery betting type: One of the biggest differences between the providers that we test on is the way in which you’re playing the lottery. On some sites you’re directly buying tickets for the draw - essentially the site acts as an agent or third party buying service so that you are entered into the draw itself. These tickets often have strict time limits, to allow the site to go through with the transaction on your behalf.The more traditional bookmakers offer Lottery play in a different way. Here you’re not entering the draw - you’re simply betting on the outcome. The odds here are fixed, so it doesn’t matter how many different people choose the same numbers as you - your winnings don’t change.
    2. Keep an eye on the Jackpots: If you’re betting with one of the providers that buy the tickets on your behalf, it makes sense to keep an eye on the prizes on offer. Many draws, such as EuroMillions, have rollover jackpots when the amount isn’t claimed. The jackpot will keep increasing until someone wins. Whilst at the traditional bookmaker lottery providers this won’t affect you, it can be worth venturing on to a ticket buying draw when those numbers start to rise.
    3. Consider ‘loyalty’ offers: If you have a particular favourite draw, then look for a provider that offers bonuses on that draw. For example, you might find a deal where you get a free ticket for every 10 that you buy - think of it like a coffee loyalty card, only with the potential to make you a millionaire.
    4. Set your budget: As with all online gambling, playing the lotteries should be fun. In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your play without crossing the line, keep track of your spending. Setting weekly or monthly budgets and sticking to them ensures that you’re playing within your means. All of the top providers that we’ve evaluated here on are committed to responsible gambling, offering you tools and advice to recognise and reverse bad habits.
    5. Join a syndicate:Some providers, like The Lotter, help you find a syndicate to join on the website. Syndicates are essentially groups of people who collectively buy tickets and then split the winnings between them. When deciding whether or not this option is for you, the first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you’re after prizes, or life-changing winnings. While a syndicate greatly increases your chance of winning, the prizes will be considerably smaller because they are shared between more people.

    What else is on offer at

    Without a doubt, the backbone of YouRate are our reviews of lottery, sports betting, casino, poker, and bingo providers as well as their bonuses. However, that’s not all that’s on offer at  We’ve got much more to offer, making us your all in one destination for everything online gambling. Here’s a selection of what else is on offer.








    Sports Betting

    1. 01 | Awards

      Life’s taught us that awards are reserved for the very best. At yourate we consider all of the provider and bonus ratings to be able to select the best of the bunch. We also give special recognition to those that make conscientious efforts in providing fabulous customer service. If awards are a major criterion for you, look no further than our list of YouRate award winners!

    2. 02 | Guides

      One of the hallmarks of an online gambling strategy is diversification. We also know that everything gets better with a little bit of practice. When you start playing in a new area of online gambling or seek more skills, we’ve got covered. Instead of endlessly Googling for this information, we’ve brought all the best strategies and tips under one umbrella. That way you can put in the time to learn and perfect these techniques instead of endlessly searching for them. You’ll be loads better in no time!

    3. 03 | News

      Keep up to date with all of the latest developments in your favourite gambling sector with the news on yourate. We've got you covered so you never have to feel out of the loop again.

    4. 04 | Sports Betting

      Whilst lottery betting might be your personal favourite, the beauty of online gambling is the diversity. Many of the top sites operate across different sectors so you can have a go at sports betting without even opening a new account. Take a look at our provider reviews and comparisons to see what's on offer. satisfies your online gambling needs!

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