Lottery Bonus Code Comparison 2018: Find the best lotto promo code voted by the YOURATE community

At YouRate, our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision regarding where you should place your online lotto bets. Our provider reviews will give you information about each operator, the bonuses they offer new members, their VIP programmes, as well as how they compare to other companies in their sector. We’ve taken great care to go through the details of all the best bonus offers available through the online gambling market. We’ve studied each bonus to get to know the terms and conditions, inside and out. We’ve even put ourselves in your shoes to examine what life is like with each provider after signing up by contacting customer service, and exploring the available features from the inside.

For this lottery bonus comparison review, we will be showing you how we’ve evaluated the different lottery sign up offers to ultimately decide which lotto bonus comes out on top. If you’re looking for more information regarding the different lottery providers, we recommend that you take a look at our lottery provider comparison. Once you’re done there, you can head on over to the individual provider reviews, or come back to finish reading this lottery bonus comparison review.

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    Bonus amount
    • The Lotter Bonus
      1 Reviews
      BONUS HEIGHTGet a 10% Discount and Free Subscriptions when you join!
      BONUS TERMSThe Lotter gives you $10 in bonus money when you bring a friend
      PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATIONClaim a 25% discount for The Lotter multi-draw
      ReviewPlay now
    • Lottoland Bonus
      1 Reviews
      BONUS HEIGHTTry Lottoland for free!
      BONUS TERMSGet your money back on tickets purchased with your first deposit
      PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATIONLottoland offers 3 first purchase promotions
      ReviewPlay now
    • Betfred Lottery Bonus
      1 Reviews
      BONUS HEIGHT£25 Match Bonus
      BONUS TERMSNew members get £25 in free bets
      PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATIONTo qualify, your first bet must be between £1 and £25
      ReviewPlay now
    • Coral Lottery Bonus
      1 Reviews
      BONUS HEIGHTGet £20 in free bets from Coral Sports Betting
      BONUS TERMSClaim £50 with a £10 Deposit at Coral Casino
      PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATIONCoral has great promos and bonuses on offer!
      ReviewPlay now
    • Ladbrokes Lottery Bonus
      1 Reviews
      BONUS HEIGHTGet £50 for signing up with Ladbrokes Sports Betting
      BONUS TERMSSpend £10, Get £30 with Ladbrokes Bingo
      PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATIONCheck out great Ladbrokes promos and specials
      ReviewPlay now

    Online Lotto: How to ensure your security

    Is it safe to place online lotto bets? It’s a question all of us ask when we decide to make the move to online gambling. You will not have a problem with online lottery sites as long as you take the necessary steps to make sure that it is legitimate. For players in the UK, an online gambling site is legitimate only if it is licensed by the appropriate authorities. Most of the time, this means a licence from the UK Gambling Commission, or in some cases, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. Due to the very strict regulatory procedures providers need to go through to obtain these licences, you can rest assured that any provider boasting one of these licences is highly secure. In all of our provider and bonus tests, we will state the different licences each provider has, as well as memberships in associations like the IBAS, security encryptions used by the provider, etc. All of the providers reviewed by YouRate are legitimate, secure, and fair gambling providers, so you won’t need to worry about any of the providers you’ll find at

    Editor's RecommendationThe Lotter's Bonuses are Best!

    After extensive deliberation, YouRate has decided that The Lotter is the best lottery provider. One of the reasons why we adore The Lotter is the fact that you can buy tickets for any of the lotteries from around the world. Under normal circumstances, we are limited to the national lotteries available at home in the UK. With The Lotter, you can play in national lotteries in over 20 countries! The Lotter has tons of added-value components that give you plenty of tools to be smart about purchasing tickets. This provider offers plenty of bonuses, such as 50% off MegaMillions or Powerball ticket prices, 10% discount on one-time syndicate entries for Austrian EuroMillions, and even free subscruptions. As you keep playing, there are even more possibilities to earn bonus money through VIP points or referring your friends to the Lotter. For more information regarding this provider, read our The Lotter provider review.

    The Lotter is our top pick!

    How does YouRate test lottery bonuses?Here's how we conduct our expert bonus tests

    YouRate’s team of experts uses the same set of six criteria to examine bonuses offered across all gambling sectors. The reason for this is to give all YouRate members an accessible and easy to follow format when considering which lotto bonus is best for them. Below, you’ll find a complete list of the criteria we used to identify the best lottery bonuses available on the market.


    1. 01 | Bonus Type

      Every provider has a different way of facilitating welcome bonuses. In this section, we will explain the specific bonus that is on offer, whether it is a discount on tickets, a promotion for players looking to join a syndicate, or even free lottery tickets.

    2. 02 | Bonus Height

      While the bonuses may seem very appealing at first glance, it is important to know exactly how much free money you’ll be able to claim with each one. That’s why, in this section, we will inform you of the exact bonus height, or how much bonus money you’ll enjoy with this particular sign up offer.

    1. 03 | Bonus Terms

      This section will be one of the most important, especially for novice players. In the bonus terms section, our experts analyse the terms and conditions of the different lottery bonuses on offer to explain how players qualify for the lottery sign up bonus.

    2. 04 | Practical Implementation

      Now that you have a good understanding of the lottery bonus, we’ll get into the specifics about how you use the bonus. We’ll clearly lay out how to sign up, if there are any lottery bonus codes you’ll need to remember, and how to take full advantage of the bonus offer.

    3. 05 | Payability

      Here, we’ll get into the lottery inpayment and payout methods. We highly recommend that you pay special attention to this section, since it is not uncommon for bonuses to exclude certain payment methods. In this section we will also explain if the bonus is redeemable or ‘payable’ or if the bonus money is only meant to be used to make bets.

    4. 06 | Bonuses for long-term customers & loyalty program

      Here, we’ll get into the lottery inpayment and payout methods. We highly recommend that you pay special attention to this section, since it is not uncommon for bonuses to exclude certain payment methods. In this section we will also explain if the bonus is redeemable or ‘payable’ or if the bonus money is only meant to be used to make bets.

    Find YOUR best provider now!

    Are you in the market for a new online lottery provider? Or are you considering taking your lotto bets online? If you’re searching for more information on the top lottery providers, check out YouRate’s comprehensive lottery provider comparison. Our provider review examines all of the best online lottery providers using a set of criteria especially designed to give members a holistic view of the lotto site. The eight points of examination cover payments and withdrawals, how user-friendly the site is, mobile options, and of course, how generous the welcome bonus is and other pertinent criteria. Our team of experts look at all of to help you select a new provider in our lottery provider comparison. Once a lottery provider has caught your eye, you can check out the individual tests and bonus reviews to learn more about the different operators.

    Who has the best online lottery site? We say it's The Lotter

    Our team of experts has concluded that The Lotter outshines all other lottery providers. While our The Lotter review goes into detail about how great the site is, we’ll mention some of the added-value points that put it on top of our list. The Lotter offers great bonuses, such as service charge discounts, a great VIP program, and bonus money for recommending a friend. The Lotter also has a publication, called the Smart, that helps guide you through navigating the lottery betting system. It will show you the available lotteries from over 20 countries and tell you which have the best cost-benefit ratios. To get to that figure, they look at everything from the odds of winnings, the price of the ticket, taxes (because many lotteries deduct taxes from the jackpot amounts), and of course, how much the jackpot’s worth.

    In addition to these fantastic features, we think the product offered by The Lotter is not only unique among other online lotto providers, but it also clearly puts the needs of customers first. For example, if you win one of the international jackpots, The Lotter will make sure to get you there to collect your prize in person!

    Lottery Bonus Max bonus User rating Claim bonus
    01 50£Deposit £10 and get £50 from Coral Casino, just for signing up!
    Claim Bonus
    02 30£Use your Ladbrokes Bingo Bonus to get free bingo tickets
    Claim Bonus
    03 25£Betfred gives new members a £25 matched bet, just for signing up!
    Claim Bonus
    04 Lottoland gives you a second chance on your first bets!
    Claim Bonus
    05 0$
    Claim Bonus

    Place your lotto bets on the go!Playing lotto on your mobile device: What you need to know

    All of the best online lottery providers understand that their customers are becoming more and more interested in placing their lotto bets on the go. This trend has lead to a lot of lotto providers enhancing their mobile sites, as well as developing lotto apps, or improving upon existing lotto apps. There are a lot of benefits to placing lotto bets on your phone or tablet, so we think this is very positive for customers of all shapes and sizes.

    But before you get too excited about lotto mobile apps, there are a few things you should know. First of all, not all online lottery providers have lotto apps. In some cases, the provider has integrated the lotto feature into the existing provider mobile app, or the provider hasn’t yet made the leap to develop a lotto app. Fortunately, all of the providers we’ve reviewed here all have apps available for iPhone and Android. Before you download the app, check to see whether it is a gambling app or simply a results or ‘news’ app. For example, The Lotter app for iPhone allows customers to buy tickets on the go, as well as check draw schedules, results, and get customised jackpot alerts. However, The Lotter app for Android is mainly a news app, so players won’t be able to place lotto bets from their phone.

    Also, some apps offer a welcome bonus or special promotion for downloading the app. For example, UK customers have the chance to get a free line bet for EuroMillions when they download the Lottoland app.

    Our 5 Pro-Tips for Placing Lottery Bets Online

    Making the leap to online lotto? Congrats! You're about to discover the great benefits to placing your lotto bets online. But before you decide where you'll be playing, we have some tips to help you figure out what kind of online lotto betting you're looking for. Read on for our 5 pro-tips for placing online lotto bets.

    1. 01 | Choose your lottery betting type

      After making the decision to take your lottery betting online, you’ll have to decide how you want to play online lotto. We recommend trying out both types to see which one suits you best, as they both have their own pros and cons. The first type is the one most people are familiar with. This involves buying lottery tickets and participating directly in the lottery. For online lotto, this means the site will act as a third party, or agent, to buy a ticket on your behalf. This allows players to participate in national lotteries outside of the UK that they would normally be excluded from. The second type involves placing bets on the outcome of lotteries. For this type of online lotto, you won’t have access to the life-changing jackpots available in national lottos. However, you will be playing with fixed-odds, which means you’ll have a greater chance of winning.

    2. 02 | Keep an eye on the jackpots

      If you decide to play with a provider that can get you access to the big jackpot prizes, keep an eye on the size of the different jackpots available. Some draws, like EuroMillions, have rollover jackpots when the amount isn’t claimed. This means that in a short time, these jackpots can grow to remarkable sizes until some lucky individual wins. If you want that lucky someone to be you, pay particular attention to the rollover jackpots available.

    3. 03 | Check out loyalty offers

      After looking at the different bonuses available, make sure to look out for loyalty offers or special promotions for existing customers. Some providers will offer special promos for discounts on certain weekly draws, chances to get free lines, or free bets when you recommend a friend. Betfred has a particularly interesting bonus for lotto customers. With Betfred Lotto Insurance, you will get a free bet when you match 3 out of 4 balls (T&Cs apply). Look out for great loyalty offers and opportunities to save big!

    4. 04 | Consider a syndicate

      Some providers, like The Lotter, help you find a syndicate to join on the website. This feature isn’t yet available across all providers, but there is always an option to form your own syndicate. When deciding whether or not this option is for you, the first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you’re after prizes, or life-changing winnings. While a syndicate greatly increases your chance of winning, the prizes will be considerably smaller than if you won off of a ticket you bought yourself. We recommend testing out the waters in both to see which one is best suited to your needs.

    5. 05 | Set your budget

      Online gambling can be a lot of fun if you do it right. In order to have a positive and lucrative online lotto experience, it’s important to be smart and responsible. One of our favourite ways to stay in control is to set a weekly, or monthly budget for your lotto bets. Once you have reached your limit, stop playing. If you have a hard time staying in control, there are plenty of resources available for you to set time limits, budget limits, and even self-exclusion. If you are worried about staying in control, look at the resources available to you to make sure you have fun with online gambling. - Much more than reviews & comparisons!

    While ratings and reviews are at the heart of our model, isn’t just a place for all of your lottery, casino, sports betting, bingo, and poker needs. We’ve got a lot more to offer our members to guarantee a positive and lucrative online gambling experience. Here’s what else we’ve got for you:








    Gambling Sectors

    1. 01 | Awards

      At YouRate, we believe in recognising outperforming operators. With this in mind, we’ve set up a YouRate awards system. We’ll first honour those online gambling sites who excel in providing a high quality overall product, as well as those who have the best customer service. Keep an eye out to see who will receive these honours!

    2. 02 | Guides

      If you’re new to online lotto, there’s nothing like top quality betting strategies to get you on track and playing like a pro in no time. Our team of experts will work to give you all the information you’ll need to make good bets, and help you figure out a strategy that works for you. We’ll tell you what they are, how they work, and make sure you can learn and apply the strategies with ease.

    3. 03 | News

      We’ve integrated all the news you’ll need to stay up to date on everything in the gambling sector right here on YouRate, whether it’s lotto, casino, poker, bingo, and the sportsbook. Stay in the loop with YouRate News!

    4. 04 | Gambling Sectors

      Follow all the movements in each sector that we examine in our provider and bonuses tests. At YouRate, you’ll have access to the best odds, the most enticing bonuses, and the top lottery providers - all in one place!

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