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Despite being one of the newest esports titles in the industry, Heroes of the Storm (HotS) has quickly become one of the most popular games among both players and punters. Created by Blizzard, the game incorporates many of the same game features as found in Dota 2 and League of Legends. Heroes of the Storm is less strategy based, instead focusing on more action compared to traditional multiplayer online battle arena games. Released in the summer of 2015, HotS also takes advantage of characters and storylines from the likes of Starcraft and Warcraft, in the form of Sergeant Hammer and Thrall.

Heroes of the Storm has quickly become of the most popular esports betting games, with many of the leading bookmakers and new betting platforms offering markets to customers around the world. If you’ve ever asked the question “what is esports betting?”, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a relative newbie or a seasoned pro in this area, we’ve got all the information you need on the range of markets, bonuses and betting tips – so all you need to do is read on.

There is a little less choice in terms of esports betting sites that offer HotS in comparsion with other games, however, there is still a good range of options for Heroes of the Storm betting markets across several different sites. This article encompasses all the relevant information when it comes to betting on Heroes of the Storm, leaving you to focus solely upon adding to your bank balance.

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  • Betway Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSlick, professional and easy to navigate
    Esports MarketsA Plethora of Tournaments to bet on
    Live StreamingOne of the Best!
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  • Pinnacle Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignRoom for imporvement
    Esports Markets6 Different Esports Games to bet on
    Live StreamingPioneers of Live Betting
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  • William Hill Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignOne of the Fastest sites on the Market
    Esports MarketsRoom for Improvement
    Live StreamingNo Live Stream for Esports
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  • Paddy Power Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSimplicity proves to be most effective
    Esports MarketsAll major markets are covered
    Live StreamingLack of Live Streaming!
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  • Unikrn Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignNavigate with ease
    Esports MarketsGreat variety of bets available
    Live StreamingImmerse yourself in the action
  • Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignStands out from the crowd!
    Esports MarketsDedicated to Esports Betting
    Live StreamingOptimal Live Streaming Service
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  • Fanobet Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSuper Clean Design ensures smooth navigation
    Esports MarketsEvery Major Esports Covered
    Live StreamingExcellent selection available
  • GGBet Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & Design Focused to give the best esports experience
    Esports MarketsThey have it all covered!
    Live StreamingThey partner with Twitch
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  • Ebettle Esports
    5 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSlick and Professional
    Esports MarketsAll major Esports Events covered
    Live StreamingEasy to navigate
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Due to its relative infancy as an established esports title, Heroes of the Storm betting tends to focus upon the more traditional markets. As a result, customers generally have the opportunity to bet on whether one team will win against another during a major esports tournament, as well as who will perform the best in a winning or losing team. The outright bet is undoubtedly the most popular among fans and customers, which involves selecting a team that will come out victorious at the end of a specific HotS event or competition. With European teams such as Fnatic and Team Liquid regularly battling it out with Korean favourites including MVP Black and L5, this is certainly not a predictable market, however it often proves to be the most lucrative.


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Heroes of the Storm betting is more fun than ever if you can access a generous welcome bonus, which can help you to get off to a great start and potentially generate an impressive pay-out. There are not many better betting sites than Betway when it comes to promotions, with new customers entitled to a bonus of up to £30 upon registering. Betway will 100% match any opening deposit up to this amount, with an esports betting bonus of a minimum of £10. With betting on Heroes of the Storm available on an almost daily basis at Betway, this generous promotion means that customers are able to quickly add to their account balance, increasing the chances of being successful.  Betway sponsors many major esports tournaments from around the world, and customers have the opportunity to win tickets to Heroes of the Storm events. The loyalty scheme means that users can earn points for each bet placed, which can later be converted into free bets.

betway esports bonus


As with its predecessors, Heroes of the Storm features many unique heroes, each of which can be chosen to play with. Categorised into a few different subclasses, the Assassin doing a significant amount of damage, however they are supremely fragile themselves. The Warrior is the hero that can absorb the most amount of damage, with their sole purpose surrounding providing control for the rest of the team. Elsewhere, Supports bid to help other team members during battle, through their healing abilities, as well as by adding buffs. Finally, Specialists are unique in the way in which they operate, with this hero the strongest when it comes to building sieges, although they are understandably slow as a result.

heroes of the storm gameplay esports betting
heroes of the storm gameplay esports betting
heroes of the storm gameplay esports betting
heroes of the storm gameplay esports betting

In terms of gameplay, Heroes of the Storm is different to other esports titles, in the fact that the game is played over more than one map. The primary objective for each team is to destroy the enemy’s base, however, how players do so will depend on the map. Each map also has different goals surrounding control, with points awarded towards a mighty buff or defeating bosses. During a best of five series, there is the potential to play on five unique maps. Heroes of the Storm has no gold, with no item shop either. As a hero levels up, players are able to choose between different strengths, each of which will alter their playing ability.

 There are less Heroes of the Storm betting markets than with other forms of esports, and this is due to its unique gameplay. However, there is still a decent choice of esports bets options on HotS events. Pinnacle is one of the most well-known bookmakers on the web today, with their options when it comes to betting on Heroes of the Storm among the best around. Match winner, correct map score, match handicap and total maps under/over are all attractive markets, with the likes of Team Dignitas and Tempest often among the teams to bet on. With Pinnacle also providing some of the most competitive odds around, they are a more than viable option for HotS fans.

heroes of the storm esports betting

Professional CompetitionsBATTLING WITH THE BEST OF THEM

Despite Dota 2 and League of Legends tournaments generally dominating the esports calendar, certainly in terms of prize money, events such as the Blizzcon 2016 and DreamHack All-Stars have helped to increase the popularity of the game. The World Cyber Arena helps to stage some of these tournaments, and has vast experience in hosting some of the largest esports events across the globe. With qualifying competitions taking place throughout Europe, Asia and the US, both professional and amateur teams compete in HotS at present. With up to $2 million available for the winner of the biggest events, it comes as little surprise that Heroes of the Storm betting is also increasing in demand.

heroes of the storm esports betting competitions

The Heroes of the Storm World Championship also offers a significant prize pool, with Cloud9 having come out on top last time around. With the number of HotS tournaments only likely to increase due to demand, esports betting games at bookmakers such as William Hill are certain to also grow in popularity. While William Hill may not be the first bookmaker that springs to mind when thinking of Heroes of the Storm, the traditional sportsbook has recently entered the esports market. Their range of markets may be slightly lacking, however their coverage still ranks highly in comparison to the rest of the industry, with a substantial esports betting bonus and ongoing promotions attracting increasing numbers of new and existing customers.


Unlike titles such as Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm rankings are currently comprised of teams from a range of regions, with Korean, European, US and Chinese teams helping to make up the top 10.

The current Heroes of the Storm world rankings appear as follows:

  1. MVP Black 1445
  2. L5 1426
  3. Fnatic 1364
  4. Team Dignitas 1336
  5. Team Liquid 1302
  6. Tempest 1246
  7. eStar Gaming 1218
  8. Tempo Storm 1199
  9. Gale Force eSports 1152
  10. MVP Miracle
fnatic esports teams
L5 esports team
MVP esports team

It is certainly worthwhile bearing in mind that the style of play may differ depending on the region of where the squad is from. As well as this, with so many different maps being utilised, roles can be reappointed for every new match, with team leaders creating strategies beforehand. Whether you are new to esports betting games or not, it is always worth acquainting yourself with the form and roster concerning a selected team, with a whole host of factors determining the odds in which they are offered by bookmakers. Pinnacle are undoubtedly one of the finest betting platforms when it comes to odds and esports games, with Heroes of the Storm featuring heavily on their esports page, making them a fine option for any potential customer.


With so many different factors also contributing to which team will come out on top during an individual Heroes of the Storm match, including rosters and strategy, taking in esports betting tips is also a sure-fire way to increase your success rate. Many websites now provide up to date news regarding specific player match-ups, as well as their thoughts on who may potentially come out on top. Familiarising yourself with Heroes of the Storm is also a must. For instance, if one HotS team is made up purely by Assassins, they are instantly at a disadvantage against a more balanced team. However, unless you are accustomed with the game, this is something that the majority of punters would overlook. If you can work out which teams are one up on their opponents in terms of strategy, this could go a long way to determining betting success. Now that esports betting is completely legal, there is no reason not to do your upmost to beat the bookies in games such as Heroes of the Storm.

One bookmaker that can contribute to this is eBettle, one of the latest dedicated esports betting platforms online. Despite having only recently been founded, eBettle provide a whole host of relevant information in this area, as well as competing with their more illustrious rivals when it comes to odds and bonuses. With each map within Heroes of the Storm being different in terms of objectives, some teams are certain to have their favourites. Should you figure out which teams play best on certain maps, taking advantage of eBettle’s various live betting markets could well prove to be lucrative. Gaining such an edge is completely within the rules, with many of the leading bookmakers offering important news and updates when it comes to esports.

While sportsbooks such as Betway, William Hill and Pinnacle may have a substantial market share when it comes to esports, they are certainly not the only options. With the demand for Heroes of the Storm markets rapidly increasing, it is certainly worth taking a look at dedicated esports betting platforms, many of which will provide more in-depth options from some of the smaller tournaments, along with the more established. Whether you’re looking for a generous welcome bonus, attractive odds or live betting, Heroes of the Storm markets are now available at a whole host of sites – and the range of options looks set to increase with time.

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