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Are you thinking of placing an esports bet? We’ve done a games comparison so you don’t have to, taking an impartial look at all the best esports betting sites. Whether you are looking for the top CSGO betting sites, Overwatch betting sites, or League of Legends betting sites – you can rely on YouRate to provide all the information you need to make an informed choice. Betting on Counter Strike or League of Legends Summoners can be tricky if you’re unsure of which bookmaker to choose – but we have done all the research and hard work, so you don’t have to! Make your selection for placing an esports bet based on our comprehensive guide to the best esports betting sites.

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  • Betway Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSlick, professional and easy to navigate
    Esports MarketsA Plethora of Tournaments to bet on
    Live StreamingOne of the Best!
    ReviewPlay now
  • Pinnacle Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignRoom for imporvement
    Esports Markets6 Different Esports Games to bet on
    Live StreamingPioneers of Live Betting
    ReviewPlay now
  • William Hill Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignOne of the Fastest sites on the Market
    Esports MarketsRoom for Improvement
    Live StreamingNo Live Stream for Esports
    ReviewPlay now
  • Paddy Power Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSimplicity proves to be most effective
    Esports MarketsAll major markets are covered
    Live StreamingLack of Live Streaming!
    ReviewPlay now
  • Unikrn Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignNavigate with ease
    Esports MarketsGreat variety of bets available
    Live StreamingImmerse yourself in the action
  • Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & DesignStands out from the crowd!
    Esports MarketsDedicated to Esports Betting
    Live StreamingOptimal Live Streaming Service
    ReviewPlay now
  • Fanobet Esports
    0 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSuper Clean Design ensures smooth navigation
    Esports MarketsEvery Major Esports Covered
    Live StreamingExcellent selection available
  • GGBet Esports
    1 Reviews
    Interface & Design Focused to give the best esports experience
    Esports MarketsThey have it all covered!
    Live StreamingThey partner with Twitch
    ReviewPlay now
  • Ebettle Esports
    5 Reviews
    Interface & DesignSlick and Professional
    Esports MarketsAll major Esports Events covered
    Live StreamingEasy to navigate
    ReviewPlay now

Gamble Safely and Securely

If you’ve been a little unsure about placing you’re first esports bet, you’re not alone – lots of people are confused about the safety of doing so. This can be especially true when it comes to esports betting sites, as the industry is still in its infancy. You need to know that your personal details and your cash is with a trusted source. There are more and more ways of placing an esports bet every day – but how do you choose the right provider that has the best security? Our YouRate reviews cover all the best bookmakers taking wagers on betting games, and esports in particular. We provide user reviews that you can rely on, so that you can get a great experience out of CSGO betting, or placing a wager on the International Dota.

Helping You To Gamble Responsibly

At Yourate, we appreciate the importance of responsible gambling – which aims to protect punters from the unscrupulous practices of less than ethical providers. All of the esports bookmakers we review have been investigated in terms of responsible gambling – so that you won’t spend more than you intended, and that under 18s are protected. Our bookmaker recommendations are ones that you can trust to uphold the principles of responsible gambling.

Editor's RecommendationBetway is the Perfect Choice!

There is such a wide range of esports betting sites out there – it can be a feat in itself knowing which one to go for all the big esports events. Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work so that you don’t have to, completing a thorough analysis of the best betting games providers of esports in the business. But who is the bookmaker that will make CSGO betting, or enjoying betting games like League of Legends and Dota 2 – a pleasurable, fun, easy and safe experience?

Betway leads the way!

Betway is ideal if you’re not sure what is esports betting about – or if you are a seasoned veteran of placing wagers on betting games like League of Legends and Dota 2. The popular bookmaker takes bets on a range of different sports, and their website is easily accessible – even if you are new and inexperienced. Betway stands out because it offers lots of choice when it comes to esports markets. You can place wagers on CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Street Fighter 5, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone whilst tuning in to their free live stream and watch as the games unfold.

Read our Betway rating to get even more detail on why this is the best place for an esports bet on games in esports.

betway esports betting live streaming

How are Yourate reviews completed?Categories and Criteria

How do you know the best place to go for CSGO betting, or for any other the many other kinds of esports bets? Here at, our goal is to make your choice an easy one by assessing each esports bookmaker on the basis of 8 different criteria. This means that you can make an objective comparison of all the best providers out there – with your own requirements in mind. Are you concerned about whether a site is legal? Perhaps you want a great bonus and promotional structure. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it covered.

Yourate assessment in 8 criteria:

  1. 01 | Interface & Design

    Is the website simple to use, and is it easy to find your favourite CSGO betting odds, or other ways to wager like on League of Legends or Dota 2? How an esports site appears and how easy it is to use can make or break your esports betting experience. Our games comparison looks at general presentation, how long a site takes to load, and any other notable points.

ggbet esports betting desktop preview

  1. 02 | Esports Markets

    What are the esports available? Some bookmakers only offer a limited range of games and events, and this can take away from your betting experience. What markets can you bet on? We’ve looked at every aspect to allow you to make the best possible decision.

  2. 03 | Live Streaming

    While there are many opportunities where to watch your favorite esports matches live, the chance of having live streaming provided by a dedicated bookmaker while placing your in-play bets live as the action unfolds is one of the biggest advantages in this industry.

    Ranking the best esports betting websites which have integrated esports live streaming is mandatory for our YouRate community.

  3. 04 | Welcome Bonus

    Is there a welcome bonus on offer for new members? What about other promotions or a loyalty scheme? We find out if you need special promo codes, and about any other terms and conditions that may be attached to any offers.

  4. 05 | Odds and Limits

    Is your potential esports bookmaker offering odds that stand out from all the rest? Perhaps their promotions outweigh any less competitive odds. We also let you know about what the minimum and maximum bets are on your favourite esports games and events – both important factors whether you like to bet little and often or you prefer to go for high stakes.

  5. 06 | Payments

    We find out all the potential ways that you can make a payment to your chosen provider. Esports bettors usually have a payment method of choice – so whether it’s credit or debit card, bank transfer or e-wallet, you’ll have all the information you need.

  6. 07 | Customer Service

    You need to know that if you have a question or you need some help, your esports bookmaker will be there to offer assistance. We find out when customer support is available, and how you can make contact. This will be especially important if you are new to esports betting, or if you like to gamble during unsociable hours.

  7. 08 | Security and Licensing

    One of our most important goals at Yourate is to offer peace of mind to esports bettors. You need to know if your details are going to be safe, and if your bookmaker of choice is licensed by regulatory authorities that you can trust. We provide all that detail so that you can make an informed choice.

ggbet esports live stream

Top Esports Bonus

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of esports betting, or you’ve already developed a fair bit of experience in placing wagers on League of Legends, Heartstone, Dota 2 and the like – you can’t go wrong with an excellent bonus or promotion.

Betway is our esports bookmaker of choice especially because it offers such a great deal for new members. Signing up only takes a minute or two of your time, and once you’ve entered a few of your details – you’ll be ready to enjoy your welcome package. To access it, all you have to do is make a deposit of at least £10 – and this will unlock a match of up to £30. This means that you could have £40 to play with, with very little investment from your own pocket – what’s not to like?!

betway esports betting free bet

Best Esports Games

If you haven’t bet on esports before, you’ll probably be wondering where on earth you should start. One of the most popular games is League of Legends. It’s a multi-player battle arena game that is enjoyed by millions of amateurs and professional gamers from all over the world – including people throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. The aim is to defeat the opposing team by taking on the unseen role of ‘Summoner’, and there is lots of exciting action along the way.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is another of the most popular ways to enjoy esports. It’s also a multi-player battle arena game, in which team members aim to destroy a structure that protects the other group, picking up experience and rewards as they go.

Other esports games that have also gained in prominence in recent years include Dota 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch and much more. The games are exciting to get involved in, and you can usually bet on a range of different outcomes – which makes esports betting much more thrilling than placing wagers on any of the more traditional sports like horse racing or football.

Top TipsGive these strategies a try to improve your esports betting game

Whether you’re betting on esports for the first time, or you’ve already dipped your toe into the world of League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive – the aim is obviously to make some money out of the experience! Here, we share our top tips for making sure that you come away having enjoyed the games, and having put as much extra cash in your pocket as possible!

The most important factor in making intelligent esports bets is doing your research. If you don’t understand the games themselves, you will find it very difficult to know how to place a successful bet. There are lots of ways that you can increase your understanding of esports games. The first is by playing them yourself. You don’t have to be an expert gamer to have a go, and you don’t need to make a long-term commitment to playing – just make the effort to play a few games so that you can get a good feel of how it all works.

world of esports tanks betting

You can also increase your understanding of your favourite esports games by watching the events as they happen, either via live streaming or by watching footage from events that have already taken place.

It’s a good idea to find out about all the top esports teams, and the players within them. Read out when and how they were formed, who’s on the current roster, which roles are assigned to which players, and their achievements in esports events and tournaments so far.

Use your bonus or any other promotional offers to maximise your esports betting opportunities. If you’re new to placing a wager on LoL or CS:GO, you want to risk as little of your own money as possible – at least until the winning payouts start coming in! Read our reviews to find the esports bookmaker offering the best deal for you, and make the most of every available penny – it could prove to be very lucrative indeed!

Esports Live Betting

Live betting on esports has become much in demand in recent years, but not all esports bookmakers facilitate this. There are some providers that offer live streaming of the biggest events, and others that take in-play bets while the action is going on. If the bookmaker of your choice does not offer live betting, it’s still worth checking out whether or not they have decent odds and a good range of markets – as you can catch live events via sites like Twitch.

ebettle esports live streaming Much more than reviews and comparisons!

What other information and tips can you find at We don’t just offer comprehensive reviews of the best and most trusted esports bookmakers – there’s a whole wealth of other useful detail here too. You can find out about…








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